The Vamps release teaser trailer for new song

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The Vamps’ new single ‘Wake Up’ is out and guess what? Brooklyn Beckham’s in the music video. Brad, Tristan, James and Connor are finally back with their first single off of their new album titled ‘Wake Up’. The full music video will be released on the 5th of October and we can’t wait.[…]


Movie Pick for the weekend

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Selfless Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller Billionaire industrialist Damian Hale (Academy Award winner Ben Kingsley) has long been a master of his universe, excelling at power plays from his NYC base of operations. Estranged from his activist daughter Claire (Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey), Damian’s only real connection is with his lifelong[…]


One Direction announce album release date

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  Following on from the massive success of first single ‘Drag Me Down’ which went to #1 on 90 iTunes charts (including in South Africa) and broke streaming records globally, One Direction have announced their hugely anticipated fifth album ‘Made In The A.M.‘. The band announced the album with a video[…]