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Battle Ground Rules… For Bad Grades


Battle Ground Rules… For Bad Grades

As sure as we are all human, we are bound to mess up sometimes. And, as long as you are a teenager, you are bound to freak out about it…

bad grades

As sure as we are all human, we are bound to mess up sometimes. And, as long as you are a teenager, you are bound to freak out about it…

School consumes a large percentage of our lives before adulthood – 4 380 days. Granted, not every single one of those days will be perfect, but they are survivable. But, along with the pressures of being a teenager, a bad report card is the last thing you need.

Though it might seem like it, bad grades are not the end of the world – it’s clichéd, but true. So how do you deal with them? First things first, repeat after me: ‘This too shall pass… and so will I’.

It’s All in the Mind

When it comes to dealing with bad grades, attitude determines aptitude. Simply put, if you work hard and are confident in your ability to succeed… you will. Try clearing your mind of any negative energy or thoughts before a test or assignment.

Set a target/goal for yourself, and focus on achieving or exceeding that. For example, if you flunked English, take a look at the way you work in that particular class. Do you pay attention to the teacher or are you are seated next to a distracting classmate? In an effort to change, you could take more notes in class or swap seats with someone. Also, look at your study techniques and try to find ways of improving them if necessary. It’s the little things that will make the biggest difference in the end.

Reward yourself

Give yourself a motive, a reward which you will be able to cash in on when you have reached your goal. Olympic runners have the gold medal, actors have the Oscars, and toddlers have dessert – what will yours be?


Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness. If anything, it is a sign of strength. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Chances are you’re not the only one confused by the Algebra assignment – in that case, raising your hand could mean you are not only helping yourself, but you’re helping someone else too.

Remember, you reap what you sow. If you give your best, you’ll get your best results.

By: Nikita Coetzee

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