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Blow Dry 101


Celebrities always inspire the hairstyles we opt for. Irrespective of how much we try to deny it; our choice to curl, twirl, braid or chop our hair is inevitably based on celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Kyle Jenner and RiRi’s new hair styles. A timeless hair trend that hasn’t lost its umf is the classic blow dry trend. Even though we buy expensive straighteners, curling wands and magic brushes we cannot deny the importance of a great blow dryer along with a simple round barrel brush. With the blow dry-barrel brush duo one can settle for straight hair, wavy hair, out flicked hair and even curly hair. Latest advances in the blow dry trend involves having many ceramic brush barrels with a single, effectively detachable handle. This means that the brush barrels can stay in your hair safely secured by a clip in order to make the process of wave making an easier one.

How to achieve the Celeb wavy/curly blow out: 

NB: To make voluminous curls, roll hair inwards. To make tighter curls, roll hair outwards.

  1. Never attempt to blow dry soaking wet hair. Make sure hair is about 80% dry before attempting to blow dry.
  2. It is essential to section off hair to make blow drying easier. Sectioning hair makes it easy to work with one hair section at a time.
  3. Wrap hair around a round brush rolling from the ends of your hair to the roots. Blow dry as you roll. Once rolled to the roots, use a butterfly clip to secure the rolled brush into position. Blow dry the hair some more. The more you heat the rolled area the more effective the curling.
  4. With another brush, roll another section of hair from end to the roots. Blow dry as you curl. Again clip the brush into position.
  5. Allow the brushes to cool in the hair before you remove them.
  6. Always unwind hair in an upward motion from the brush.

Blow dry no no’s

No 1: Do not attempt to style excessively wet hair. Opt for towel drying or normal drying first before even attempting to style your hair. Common sense will tell you hair only styles if it is about 80% dry.

No. 2: Volume is a vital blow dry trick. Tease your roots to get the desired styling correct.

No. 3: Before rolling from the bottom to the roots make sure you roll from the roots the bottom and in the same swift movement move your brush from the bottoms to the root.

No. 4: Do not use hair protect just for using it. Heat protectant spray is important when blow drying and should be evenly distributed all over the hair. However, use only a pea size amount of volume booster mousse on the areas where volume is required. Do not over use the Volume mousse and apply it from root to tips, this is unnecessary as you don’t need volume at the tips.

No. 5: Allow hair to cool down first before removing the brush barrels. Removing heated brush barrels is pointless as hair won’t style as expected. Also be careful when touching over heated ceramic brush barrels. Allow for cooling time first.

By: Laila Abramjee

My name is Kriszti Bottyan (23) and I am the Editor of Teenzone Magazine. This means that all content goes through me before it reaches you. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and I am currently completing my post-grad in Applied Languages. I am admittedly addicted to E! but I am also into the more serious content about society and about topics concerning YOUR future. Ultimately, you are my number one priority. We have migrated to a digital platform that is more suitable to you, our readers. We are continuously grateful for your support and in return promise to deliver. We will not disappoint!

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