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Nampak Bevcan, Nampak DivFood and Collect-a-Can have come together as the first official African partners of International Canvironment Week for the first time in South Africa from 10 – 17 November 2011.

Currently, 70% of all beverage cans manufactured in South Africa are collected for recycling which is almost double the rate of any other beverage packaging type. Beverage can recycling rates all over the world are by far the highest when compared with competing packs. A total of 56% of all metal packs combined, being food cans, beverage cans, aerosols and drums are recovered for recycling in South Africa.

In excess of a 100 000 people are earning or supplementing their income by the recovery of cans in South Africa and in reality, this figure is estimated to be in the region of 160 000.

To launch this initiative in South Africa, not only should South Africans be buying their favourite beverages and other consumables in cans – they should be consciously recycling the cans. What is interesting to note is that the volume of all cans recovered since 1993 equals the volume of major landfill sites designed to accommodate all rubbish of a major city such as Johannesburg over an 18-year period.

Canvironment Week will be officially launched in Cape Town at The Green Expo, scheduled from 18 – 20 November at the Cape Town International Conference Centre.

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