The African Legacy Project

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Last night at 19:55 FOX Life’s newest series premiered and it is guaranteed to have left a lasting impression on entrepreneurs all across Africa. The series highlights some of the most successful entrepreneurs and business icons in Africa. The series is made up of ten episodes, each episode showcasing one individual.

alp-logo-full-black africa The African Legacy Project alp logo full blackThese individuals have built businesses across international borders. They will each discuss the deliberate steps they took, producing extraordinary results. They also share not only their success but also their challenges and failures. 

Last night’s episode showcased Africa’s Queen of Luxury, Swaady Martin-Leke. She is an Ivorian entrepreneur who prides herself as a custodian of Africa’s rich culture and history. She is the founder and CEO of the Swaady Group, which is made up of Yswara and Akrafo. Swaady discusses her journey on how she built world-class African products that are distributed globally.

Yswara creates luxury products using Africa’s natural resources. These products include tea, chocolates and home accessories. The line preserves and promotes Africa’s endangered cultural heritage. All the products are crafted by local craftsman and artisans. Their overall focus, however, is broad-based wealth creation.

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The biggest challenge in the beginning were costs and logistics involved in exporting products out of Africa. Although it is still very expensive to export products, in just over four years, Swaady has her products distributed in over 17 countries such as Dubai, Beirut, UK, Ghana and Nigeria. In the episode she shares her journey and also her unique business philosophy she’s coined: ‘Luxe Ubuntu’.

The second episode will explore Gil Oved’s (South African) journey. The third will explore the life of Joseph Hundah (Zimbabwean) and the fourth will follow Dr. Judy Dlamini (South Africa). The series airs every Wednesday at 19:55 on Fox Life.  


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