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Teenzone teamed up with Culture Capital for Heritage Day, 2017 and the results were impeccable. The one reason why we felt compelled to partner up with the company is because it’s an agency that inspires us even though it is in it’s beginning stages. It is a creative agency born out of many problems founder Shen Scott found in the creative industry. They provide photography, videography, makeup, graphic design, sound and DJ services. We asked Shen to elaborate on why he decided to create the agency and we also asked him to provide us with a description about what Culture Capital is about:

Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za) Culture Capital Culture Capital DSC 0616
Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za)

The first problem is that when you need creative work done, it’s very rare that you will find everything you need in one place. If you’re starting a business you will need branding done, you will need photos taken, you will need to host events and you will need photos and videos along with that to be visible. You would have to take time and money out of your schedule to deal with a different person for each of these. You would have to explain your vision and follow up deadlines and hope that the quality and aesthetic is consistent across all these mediums. We wanted to put everything in one place so it’s convenient, consistent and easily communicated.

Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za) Culture Capital Culture Capital DSC 0553
Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za)

The second thing was that I wanted to provide opportunities for young creatives. People who were skilled but could potentially become “starving artists”. I wanted to show people who could create beautiful things how to turn that into an income. To help make those dreams a career. There is too much wasted talent out there and too much poor work being produced. I wanted to take those talented people and put their exceptional skill to good use.

Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za) Culture Capital Culture Capital DSC 0726
Photo by: Shen Scott (www.shenscott.co.za)

The last and most important thing is that I wanted to give back. Creatives can be too expensive for those who need us most and that’s why we work pro-bono every month. This month we partnered with Slutwalk and provided photography, videography, sound equipment and a DJ to support the cause against sexual violence and victim blaming. We know that there are people doing work that’s so important and we need to support that as much as we can. The organizations and projects that are making a direct impact in their communities need our skills just as much as anyone else. Beyond that we are a young and able team, perhaps you don’t creative work done but rather just an extra set of hands. We will help in any way we can.

You can find us on:
Facebook: fb.com/CulCapital
Instagram: @CulCapital
Twitter: @CulCapital
Our website: www.culturecapital.co.za

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