The importance of Grade 11

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Matric is often thought of as the most important year in your High School career but in actual fact Grade 11 is just as important. Education expert, Nola Payne stressed that both grades should not represent different milestones and that rather they should be viewed together as a two-year event.

The reason why she places emphasis on Grade 11 is because many institutions – public or private – make provisional offers based on your Grade 11 results. Applications for university open in the March of your matric year naturally this is too early to provide institutions with meaningful matric marks. 

Therefore, do not have the mind-set that you will delay he hard work until Matric. You might be in store for an unpleasant surprise.  Many learners are disappointed when they receive rejection letters in their Matric year. The learner is therefore under even more pressure to improve their marks with hopes that it improves there chance of acceptance.

Learners also often underestimate the difficulty of Grade 11. The work is just as challenging as it is in Grade 12, if not more so. A lot of content is provided to the learner in Grade 11. Matric final exams often contain more Grade 11 content than that which was covered in Grade 12.  

There are three possible replies to applications you might receive from tertiary education institutions:

  • Provisionally accepted
  • Waiting list – Consider applying for the same or similar course at a different institution. Another option is applying for a different type of qualification, in a similar field, at the same institution. OR work on improving your school marks.
  • Rejected – Once you are rejected, it is very difficult to have your application re-evaluated.

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