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Boydenham is a freelance duo- Jason Cunningham and Connor Boyd- that are looking to impress upon the world their love for design and their hunger to change the way people interact, see, and appreciate the beauty of all things creative. This is the inspiring mission statement provided by the duo one which Teenzone found incredibly appropriate as it is accompanied by equally inspirational designs! Here’s your guide to getting the job as a Graphic Designer. Here’s to hoping inspiration strikes. 

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What would you say is the most significant idea or message that you try send via your design?

The idea or message we communicate depends on what the client would like to communicate. We often try to communicate their messages professionally and creatively.

For own personal work, we are trying to move towards sustainable design and learn what needs to be done in order for designers to practice sustainable design aka Green Design.

What are some of the personality attributes required to be a great graphic designer?

There are many but some of the more important traits would be:


It can often get frustrating when a design on paper does not match the design that you have imagined. Clients change their minds often and it is common that the client thinks they know more about design than the designer. It often takes a few designs to show them otherwise.


a good designer needs to understand his/her user. Designers provide a service and often the client or the user cannot express vividly what they are looking for. The more you empathise with the client/user, the closer to the user’s imagined product a designer can get or the end product can be even better than what the client imagined.

Deadline Driven

Making deadlines is important. We understand that our clients rely on us to meet their deadlines so that they can meet theirs. Tardiness is extremely unprofessional

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I am Jozi

What did you study to get into this line of work?/ Where did you study?

We have our honours in BA Communication Design from the University of Johannesburg. There are also various other design schools that offer similar courses.

What does this job entail?

Specifically at Boydenham, we provide creative and professional design services for start-up businesses. Our job often entails creating corporate identity for our clients and we provide any other design services too.

As a good designer, one should expect to do research, create concepts, sketch, design digitally and create design that communicate effectively.

Would you suggest opening your own company rather than working for an already established company?

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Colour Me Healthy

It depends on the personality of the designer and their goals. Establishing your own company is very difficult and is time consuming, while the reward is small in the beginning. I would say we are still a company learning the baby steps but the growth we have seen is what drives us. Establishing your own company initially will not pay the same salary as working for an already established company.

What are the mundane aspects of Graphic Design?

We love our job and every little detail is important to us. Every project is different and requires a different thinking method. It would be difficult for us to describe anything mundane about what we do. This is why we do it.

What are the benefits of a career in this line of work?

Recognition for your designs is definitely a benefit and the life of a designer can be a lot more fun than your usual 9 to 5 job. It all depends on what you do with your skill. If you see earning money as a benefit in life then the harder, smarter, better and more you work the more you make. There are so many aspects and career paths that one could take as a designer so the benefits are endless.

What can you expect to earn in this industry?

This depends on the type of design work that you do. There are many different aspects to design. One could go into advertising, signage, or branding to name only a few. The better skilled you are; the more money you will earn.

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Would you say that there is a demand for graphic designers in South Africa?

I would say there is a demand for good graphic designers.

What influences or inspires your creativity the most?

The concept behind the design. The stronger the concept for the design, the better the design. The design then has logic and communicates a message creatively.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

The growth of Boydenham. Aside from a couple awards here and there which we are grateful for, the growth of Boydenham is the most rewarding.

What is the market like in terms of jobs and competition?

It is competitive. But if you have the right outlook on life, the skills and determination, then you can divide your competition in half.

Would there be opportunities to work overseas once qualified?

Definitely. There is always a need for good design. People are always trying to communicate a message and that essentially is what design should do, hence communication design.

What is your ultimate platform for sharing your designs?

Behance. The Behance website allows you to create a design portfolio to showcase your work. Other than that we make use of Facebook and Instagram as well

Any tips for teens who may be interested in pursuing a career in Graphic Design?

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South African Book Fair

Go and study. There is a lot to learn about design

The more you design the better your design becomes.

Learn to take criticism.


By: Khisha Singh

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