Matric 2014

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Matric 2014

Matric is not an excitement to me.

I’m frightened of what will happen to me.

I’m afraid of the dark, of what I can’t see.

I like knowing things and the certainty of what might be.


I’m lost, alone and no direction towards the light.

I need help, I need guidance, I need a way out


Like a caged animal, I feel my world in a box.

Running and running watching the clock.

Caught in a tailspin, not sure which way is right.

Vertigo is taking over, I’m losing my sight.


I’m screaming, I’m yelling yet no one can hear.

They shy away and close their ears…


Hey, this is a poem to all the matriculants of 2014 who are just as scared as I am to finally start growing up.

Lameez Abrahams