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Study Tips Study Tips C Dragon Images2We know you are all busy gearing up for the exams! So here is an article printed in the August issue of TeenZone magazine. Good luck to all! It’s all about preparation and making a few sacrifices, but it’s all worth it in the end

Studying is something we all consider to be an invention of some wicked little man sitting in a tower plotting revenge against teens around the world. But in fact, studying is an essential part of learning new things, gaining knowledge and getting you ready for a career and success one day. You can’t avoid it, so time to change that attitude and make it work for you.

Make it easy

Preparation for the end of year exams is crucial, and now is the time to start.


Time to clear all the clutter. Sort out your desk or study area at home. Get rid of all bits of paper, old books and especially those little love letters need to be packed away – just for now. Make sure you have a good study light, a proper chair to sit on that supports your back and your stationary is fully stocked.


Get your notes in order and start making sure your summaries are up to date, especially those that you keep putting off for tomorrow… for tomorrow has arrived! Be sure to make summarising fun, use your colour pens and draw spider graphs or mind maps. Come up with cute rhymes to remember different points.


If you are stuck on something while summarising, take five minutes to ask a teacher to explain it once more. If you don’t understand your work, your brain will never absorb the information.


Create a timetable from Monday – Sunday. 8:00 – 20:00. When the exams start give yourself 15-minute breaks between each hour of study, allow time for lunch to keep your energy levels up and go to bed early. Weekends, unfortunately, are also time to study, so use your Saturdays and Sundays well and then you can fit in some time with your best buds too.

Good luck!





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