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Julian Smith

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Do you recognise these names? Have you ever watched their videos on YouTube? Do you think that these are just videos of people bored with their lives, and they want to show the world what they can do with their boredom? Well, yes, to an extend they are just passing time by uploading videos of themselves for the world to see, or it could be a fun hobby that they have to pass time. For most of these names, uploading videos did start off as a hobby, but slowly, what was once a hobby became a career.

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Casper Lee

“Please repeat that? A CAREER through YouTube!! How on earth do you even get paid?” you may ask. Keep reading and I’ll tell you.

YouTube allows everyone to upload whichever kind of videos they choose. If the video is available for the public to see, then the amount that YouTube pays depends on how many people watch the videos; how long people watch the video for; how many adverts are seen by the people who watch the videos; etc. this sounds like a lot, and yes it is very complicated – a video with ten views could receive more revenue than a video with one hundred views. It all depends on how long you can keep people interested in your video, and interested long enough for external parties to be able to advertise their products through your videos; because yes, you receive a revenue from that.

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So you’re probably still thinking, “So how exactly can this become a career?” There are four ways that the above mentioned “YouTubers” have turned YouTube into their daily source of income.

  1. They have created videos that appeal to a large audience.
  2. Their audience wants to meet them, so they organise tours and meet-and-greets, which people pay to go to.
  3. Companies sponsor them so that their products can be promoted to the large audience.
  4. These “YouTubers” created their own brand revolving around themselves – using their name to sell books, and act in their own shows, or perform with celebrities – and all of this sells stacks!!!
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Casey Neistat

So this is how YOU can get started:

  1. You need a video to upload. As a beginner, you can use a video camera, whether your phone or a digital camera, it doesn’t matter, as long as you are able to make the video. If needed, you can edit your video. There are lots of software available to use to edit your video once you have completed filming it. But if you cannot afford to purchase a special editing software, you can start with Windows Movie Maker, it’s free and it gets the job done.
  2. If you struggle to come up with video content, then google 101 YouTube video ideas. People like to watch things that are trending, so do a challenge video, or a prank video, or even a DIY video.
  3. Promote yourself. Tell your friends at school to watch your video. Share your video links on Facebook or Instagram if you want more people besides your friends to see it. It’s very hard to get the first view people to watch your videos, and subscribe to your channel, but once you’ve started, then the only way is up, and you’ll be surprised at how many people from strange parts of the world are starting to watch your videos.
  4. Now for the money part. YouTube will only pay you if you have monetized your videos, which is an option that you can choose. YouTube will also only pay after you’ve reached the $100 benchmark per month. So if you’ve only made $98 this month, then you won’t get paid, but rather the money will be carried forward to the next month.
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The YouTube community is a great one to be part of. If you want to take YouTube seriously and make a living off of it, then I suggest that you start with it while you are still in school. Your channel will take a while to develop, for some people it takes one year to become a well-known “YouTuber” and for others ten. So do not drop everything that you are doing just yet. Do your research on it. Remain consistent. And most importantly – BE YOURSELF! Who knows, one day you’ll be the biggest social media influencer that South Africa and the world has ever seen.

By: Tebogo Molatlhegi

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