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CD review of the week


CD review of the week

Bloc Party – Four

This is the British indie rock band’s fourth album with the original four members of the band and it has received very mixed reviews. This album is primarily guitar-driven and is urgent and quirky. It doesn’t live up to the excitement of better 2005 album, Silent Alarm, though it is consistent and enjoyable throughout.

The guitarist, Russell Lissack stands out on many tracks, shredding and creating good riffs that drive the songs forward. It’s been four years since Intimacy and singer Kele Okereke’s voice is much the same and adds to many of the high points on the album. Some of the best tracks are ‘V.A.L.I.S.’ and ‘Team A’.

This comeback album proves that Bloc Party is still capable of making an album with depth and meaning, though at their worst, they tend to sound uninspired and weary, forcing the album. There are several styles slightly out of place, such as a western blues style opening to ‘Coliseum’ and breakdowns on their hardest rock song in ‘Kettling’. Not to say variation doesn’t keep it interesting, yet it seems unpolished at times.

There are some good melodies and hooks on this album and Bloc Party will still impress fans with their latest offering. Bloc Party have fans that want them to return to their Silent Alarm days and those who want them to keep changing and evolving into a new sound. They have ditched a lot of the electronic sound and have made an album that is energetic and has more rock influences to it, as showcased by ‘We Are Not Good People’.

Courtney-Lee Cullis

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