Beyonce may be in labour!

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Beyonce beyonce Beyonce may be in labour! Beyonce Knowles Pregnant Twins

Beyonce broke the internet when she released the official ‘mother-earth’ inspired pregnancy shoot. Beyonce and Jay-Z announced that they were expecting twins on Instagram, raking in almost 8 million likes for one photo. Fast-forward 132 days and many people are now suspecting that Beyonce is currently in labour.

But why 132 days?

iHeartRadio previously predicted that Beyonce would go in labour on Tuesday, 13 June: “The average pregnancy lasts about 280 days, which means Blue Ivy was announced on day 148 of her pregnancy,” we said. “If her announcement pattern repeats and today is day 148 of her second pregnancy, that leaves 132 days until she gives birth. Fast forward exactly 132 days from today and you’ll land on Tuesday (June 13, 2017).”

A friend of the singer and hair stylist also posted something on her instagram page that fans are considering evidence that Beyonce is in fact in labour. @chuckielovehair posted a photo of the Queen B with the caption ‘Hang in there, Mama!’

Several reports have also said that Beyonce has been admitted to an LA – Based Hospital. In addition, Solange (Beyonce’s sister) doesn’t have any shows this week. Surely, she would want her sister by her side when she went into labour. E! news predicted that Beyonce would go into labour last month already considering the Queen had already had a push-party. In other words, meaning that she was nearing the end of her third trimester.  

The Beyhive is buzzing with excitement and anticipation, with the hope that the Queen herself will post a picture of her new bundles of joy (twins remember) any second now. Only time will tell if all of these reports are accurate.  

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