Kylie Jenner just wants to ‘feel normal’ in new show

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The social media queen, Kylie Jenner(19), admits that she struggles to keep up with the pressures of fame in her new show, Life of Kylie.  In the season premier Kylie expresses the desire to ‘feel normal’ in a world of private jets, expensive cars and glam teams at her beck and call.

Kylie also expresses the difficulty of taking the perfect selfie:

“Posting a selfie is hard because there’s a lot of pressure. It just has to be perfect.”

“Three million likes…” she continues after posting it.

“I check the comments, like, right when I post. If they’re like, ‘what the f**k is this Kylie?’ then I delete that s**t super fast and reevaluate my decision.”

She admits that her social media self and her real self are two different sides of her. Social media is where she feels constantly pressured to keep up a certain image of herself. To remain relevant to the public, it is necessary for Kylie to constantly be active on Instagram and Snapchat.

 The premiere sees Kylie surprise a boy called Albert Ochoa at his prom – something she admits she never got to go to experience because she was home-schooled.

Source: Mirror.ac.uk

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