Rihanna’s dressing room essentials

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Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna's dressing room essentials rihanna wild thoughts blue 2017 billboard 1548Every star has there dressing room essentials. Some might seem more extreme than others but they have them nevertheless. When it comes to Bad Girl Riri (Rihanna for those that are lost), there is no exception. Ellen Degeneres revealed on her show just what Rihanna‘s requests entail and the list is very much food driven. For a tiny lady, the girl sure can eat! She told Ellen that she likes to be prepared because you never know what mood you’re gonna be in. We just have one question to ask: What is her secret to keeping such a rocking body while eating all of the items below?

  1. Hot Cheetos
  2. Regular Cheetos for when she’s tired of eating the Hot Cheetos
  3. Golden Graham Cereal, which she hasn’t eaten for about two years
  4. Oreos – not so into it at the moment
  5. Cup of noodles
  6. Red and white wine
  7. Vodka
  8. Soda
  9. Frappuccinos
  10. Garlic Olives

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