Taylor Swift’s mother breaks down

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Taylor Swift’s mother Andrea Swift got emotional as she took the stand in a Denver federal court on Wednesday. She testified at her daughter’s trial against former DJ David Mueller, accusing him of sexually assaulting the singer. 

Mueller sued Swift for $3 million in damages, accusing her of fabricated the groping story and having one of her security employees tell it to his boss, which allegedly led to his termination. Swift counter-sued for assault and battery. 

Andrea told the the court that Taylor Swift told her what happened immediately after the incident:

“Mom, a guy just grabbed my ass in the meet-and-greet.'” She said her daughter told her the man said he was “with the radio station.”

Andrea broke down as she recalled Taylor’s initial response to the assault:

“She couldn’t believe that after he grabbed her, that she thanked them for being there,” she said. “It was just destroying her that she said that…as a parent it made me question why I taught her to be so polite in that moment.” 

They didn’t originally report the incident to the police because they didn’t want that to define Taylor’s life. They did, however, feel that it was imperative to let his employers know what happened. Mueller, moments before, testified that he only recalls touching her rib cage. He said that he knows that his hand was behind her but for that reason whatever he did was an ‘accident’. An anaylsis of the photograph then occurred.



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