Teen makes a promposal for Emma Stone

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Emma Stone Emma Stone Teen makes a promposal for Emma Stone prom

At the beginning of the month, Jacob Staudenmaier, a teenager from Arizona (USA, of course) asked Academy Award-winning actress Emma Stone to his high school prom. He made an elaborate parody of ‘Another Day of Sun’ that is on the La La Land  soundtrack. In case you missed the video on your social media feed, here it is:

Emma Stone graciously declined the invitation by explaining that she had previous obligations in London. She did, however, compliment him on his creative videography. Below is a clip of the teen sharing the news from Emma Stone:

As you can see, the video already has over a million views. So what’s wrong with this? First of all: everything. From the plastic Oscar statuettes to the assertion that he looks like Ryan Gosling. US tv-host Jimmy Kimmel responded to this ‘promposal’ himself in a not-so-gracious manner. Kimmel joked that Emma Stone had to pretend she was in London for two weeks so as to avoid an awkward rejection situation. He questioned the entire idea of teenagers asking celebs to their prom. Here is the full video:

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