#Tholukuthihey video and now, concert

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tholukuthihey tholukuthihey #Tholukuthihey video and now, concert tholukuthi hey

Even though Casper has decided that he doesn’t want to jump on the track anymore, Euphonik is going forward with it and plans to hold a concert and shoot a music video. A concert will be held on Friday in Soweto to officially launch the #tholukuthihey video to the world. It all started on Twitter when a video recorded by Killer Kau went viral.

In the video Killer Kau sings to the beat and drops the line ‘Tholukuthihey’. The video quickly caught Euphonik’s interest, prompting him to reach out to the artist and collaborate with him to make a real track. Mbali Sikwane also recorded a video of herself singing along to the jam and Euphonik invited her to record the song in studio. All this happened in less than 48 hours. 

The track is ready and has already been played on 94.7 FM as Euphonik hosts a show on the radio station. 

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