The Weeknd reaches Instagram Husband Status

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The Weeknd has officially reached Instagram Husband Status. This weekend Selena Gomez for Instagram Stories, wearing his jacket, before heading to the Harper’s Bazaar Icons bash in NYC. In the photo, The Weeknd can be spotted in the mirror taking the said photo.

An Insta Husband refers to the husband or significant other of a blogger, online influencer, or celebrity, who takes photographs of his main squeeze and tolerates their social media-saturated lifestyle despite the many interruptions. Well, that’s at least what E! News says it is…

Selena Gomez apologises to Elle Fanning for tagging her in post

From the look of things, the singer appears to be all about supporting Gomez’s place at the top of Insta. The Weeknd is not the only one to achieve such status, however. The likes of John Legend, Dax Sheppard and Channing Tatum joined the club years ago. 

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