Ed Westick packs on PDA with girlfriend Jessica Serfaty

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Ed Westick can’t keep his hands off of his American model girlfriend, Jessica Serfaty and who could blame him. Ed, who is most famous for his role on Gossip Girl as Chuck Bass, splashed around with his girlfriend on the shores of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Jessica was once linked to One Direction‘s Niall Horan. She was on cycle 14 of America’s Next Top Model, she came in fifth place. Earlier in 2016, Jessica’s ex-husband told the media that she had ‘abandoned’ her young son Roman, aged eight, to pursue her dreams of fame and fortune in Hollywood. In an exclusive interviewed Jessica revealed that she only sees her son in the summer holidays but still talks to him every day. Jessica was forced to return to Arkansas, where her and her ex-husband were both from, to complete the divorce proceedings. She commented that:

‘Now in the divorce I got given a judge who was very small-minded and he said for us to have dual custody – which we both wanted – it was impossible because Ididia didn’t want to leave Arkansas and I had everything we had worked for for so long back in California. So the judge said I could either stay in Arkansas and co-parent or do what I’m doing now and see him in summer and Christmas – because he has to go to just one school – he can’t go back and forth.’ 

The couple were spotted kissing, holding hands, grabbing each other and wrapping their arms around each other’s waist. At one point Ed stopped to give his beautiful girlfriend a long smooch. 

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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