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Cellphone addiction


Cellphone addiction

We all are familiar with the term addiction. We immediately think of the common addictions that usually make the headlines such as drugs and alcohol, but I found a new addiction something that has become so powerful in our lives and that is affecting not only the older generation but also children as young as five. I am talking about a technology device that was introduced in the year of 1973, it was simple yet sufficient, we like to call it a ‘cellphone’. The cellphone has been around for many years now, but lately it has played a bigger role in our lives and in most (unfortunately) cases it has proceeded to taken over the lives of many. Gone are the days of using a cell phone just for incoming and out going calls, nowadays people use their cell phones for a lot more reasons such as games and social media sites.


People don’t realise the affects that this device has caused. More and more people are living their lives behind and through their cellphone and they are becoming trapped in this addiction. Not many people will recognise this as an addiction because having a cellphone is so common nowadays AND in the younger generation it has become a trend to own the latest cellphone device.

The key to communication consists of messaging someone from your cellphone; family time has turned into a group of family members gathering in the lounge in dead silence, preoccupied with their cellphones. A new form of ‘discipline’ is handing over your cellphone device to your child just to stop them from throwing a tantrum. Our minds are now owned by a device, the cellphone has turned into a life line for some people. Many have gone as far as carrying around a power bank just so they can have an extra hour or two of battery life.

I have had the opportunity of having a first-hand view of someone having withdrawal symptoms over the fact that their cellphone’s battery had died/they have run out of data. Their mind struggled to function without it, causing anger and frustration.

addictionRelationships and marriages have fallen apart because too much time has been spent behind a screen. The needs that you once looked for in your partner no longer satisfies you. So many people are seen typing while driving and innocent lives have been lost because of this.

We as parents, partners and people should set a limit to the usage of a cellphone. We need to pull ourselves away from the device that has gained control over the human mind. We need to try reconnect with the people we surround ourselves with  and try to rebuild that connection that was taken away from us. We are not taking into consideration of how valuable our life is, there is a clock ticking above us and we are unaware of when it is going to stop. All that time spent behind your cellphone stops us from creating those special memories with all the people that we cherish.


Take a look at yourself, before you make a decision question your actions, make sure you are not headed along the path of addiction. Be one step ahead, cut the ties that keep your fingers and mind connected to your cellphone, start living your life again. One last thing, a cellphone is replaceable but a life is a one time opportunity, don’t take it for granted.

By: Desiree Roberts



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