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ChianoSky’s new EP ‘Hurricane’


ChianoSky’s new EP ‘Hurricane’

16123460_619756411567361_897461879247470592_nChianoSky sat sat down with Teenzone and discussed her new EP Hurricane, which was released on 28 April. We spoke at length about the ever-changing music industry and a musician’s race to keep up with the trends. She described her musical and personal transition from a mere eighteen year old entering the music industry for the first time to the mature woman she is today:

“When I first started my career I was eighteen, it’s a very interesting time in your life transitioning into womanhood. Finding yourself and how you want to look and feel and now you’re thrown into the public. You’re expected to have it all together even if you don’t. I had to find my identity really quickly, which I’m totally grateful for. I’m twenty-four and totally feel at home in my skin. I definitely know what I’m doing and where I’m going and I think that has translated in my music. I love soul and I will also always do jazz. I feel like that streak will always be within me but I have definitely changed my Pop style and I’m going more into the urban market. I want to expand myself as an artist as much as possible. Each genre excites me in a different way.”

As an artist you don’t want to be limited to just one genre. Although, ChianoSky mentioned that Hip Hop is taking over [in a great way] she assured us that she was ready to embrace it with open arms:

“For a female there are different avenues you can go and I’m already going that way. There is a lot of urban influence and RnB so it’s definitely in me. So, I don’t think I’ll have a problem. I definitely think I have an inner gangster.”


When asked how this EP is different to her previous work ChianoSky stated that she tried to write from a different perspective than from herself. She talks about where the world is and what she has observed and what her friends are going through:

‘A lot of who I am has changed. I’m not the same person as I was back then. You’re meeting another version of myself. Also, it’s about getting used to putting yourself out there again, not just as a musician but also as a person. Hurricane is a step up from where I was before and that’s all I really want to do, raise the bar for myself and to understand as much about music as I can.’

When you think of ChianoSky, you think of music, talent, art, fashion and sensuality.  One of the different avenues she has been experimenting with is fashion:

“I’ve always said that my fashion is kind of sensual, I do love dressing a very sexy way. I like clothes that fit a woman and embrace women and their bodies. It’s always been in my aura. But also, I have a very spontaneous side to fashion. One day I’ll dress super rock with leather and the next day I’ll be a daughter of a house wife. I like to create characters. I don’t want my fashion to be defined into anything. But it’s definitely colourful. I like mixing things that people said would never go.”


ChainoSky’s first single off the EP, Worst that could happen, was an instant hit. She mentioned that she chose the single based on a feeling she had in her gut. The decision was basically half industry, half label and a little bit of label. ChianoSky discussed the topic of the music video at length, summing up the aim of the music video subject matter:

“I definitely wanted it to be a mixed racial thing to push unity. South Africa is such a great positive place but there is so much space for unity. I was in an inter-racial relationship and I wanted to reflect the fact that you don’t know how back you are until you’re in an inter-relationship with someone. I couldn’t have gone to a bank with him without being asked by the security guard if he was with me and that totally shocked me. It didn’t shock him but it shocked me.The message of the song is basically ‘What is the worst that could happen?’ But it wasn’t about picking him over colour, it was about picking him. I wanted to take it back to love”

When asked about the future ChainoSky revealed that she doesn’t see herself as a one hit wonder. She sees album after album, being a starlet and being great:    

‘I want to make music that will transcend the test of time like the old-school songs that you hear playing in bars for instance. People are making music for the moment and the moment is changing so quickly. It’s consumed so fast. A lot of artists overseas only have one song out and they blow up and then you never hear from them again. Going forward in my career, I just want people to get to know me like a person. Also to see that I am a singer but I am also into art and fashion and all those things. Kind of showing a 360 view of who I am and I think that I have that with this album.”

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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