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Did you participate in last year’s Earth Hour?


Did you participate in last year’s Earth Hour?

If not (naughty-naughty), here is your chance to take a stand against the destruction of earth and your way to push for sustainable energy.

You can do your part in reducing the amount of energy we use by deciding to take the stairs instead of a lift, unplug all appliances when not in use, switch to energy-saving light bulbs and use rechargeable batteries. Your folks can help too, speak to them about solar panels for geysers and electricity. You could rather ride your bike to school than have mom drop you off, this reduces pollution and uses no energy, and is also great for those thighs.

WWF-SA (World Wildlife Fund-South Africa) is asking all South Africans to participate in the world wide Earth day this year.

During this time, you are urged to switch off and unplug all elements that use power in your home, things like your TV, geysers, DVD players, microwaves, celphone chargers, lava lamps, etc.

This initiative is a global one, which means you will be one person among billions who will bring their part for the entire planet.

Make it fun, organise a family braai, get a fire going and bring the marshmallows. Someone play the guitar… bring them along and listen to music, if not, listen to the crickets and all the other night creatures, try to identify each noise you hear.

When: 23 March

Time: 20:30 – 21:30


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