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Diffusing Curly Hair: Tips from Marc Anthony


Diffusing Curly Hair: Tips from Marc Anthony

World Supreme Champion Hairstylist Marc Anthony has provided some awesome tips on how to get that perfect curl using a diffuser.


  • curly-hairWorld Supreme Champion Hairstylist Marc Anthony has provided some awesome tips on how to get that perfect curl using a diffuser.
  • Diffusing your hair works with its natural movement. This is achieved by either letting your hair air-dry, or using a diffuser attachment.
  • The general misconception about diffusing is that it is strictly for the purpose of creating curls or waves in the hair. In reality, it is simply a method of drying your hair in its natural state with a bit of enhancement.
  • For example, if you have a slight wave to your hair, using a diffuser can enhance its natural wave. If you have pin straight hair, a diffuser may not necessarily create waves, but rather more volume and less frizz.
  • How To Diffuse
  • After washing and conditioning your hair it is important not to fuss with it too much.
    Use a curl enhancing product to help draw out any natural wave or curl you have. It will also help to eliminate frizz and control your curls.
  • If you are diffusing naturally by air-drying, you can give yourself a round of hair spray and leave it as is.

    If using a diffuser, concentrate on the root area first. Once most of the moisture is removed from the crown area, gently flip your head over and place the dryer under your hair, pointing towards the ceiling. In a gentle motion bring the hairdryer towards your head, encasing your hair in the diffuser, crunching your curls as you go.

  • Once your hair is dry, flip your head back and, with your fingers, gently move your hair into shape. Whatever you do, do not brush curly hair. This will make your hair go POOF! Rather use a wide-toothed comb.

    Marc Anthony products are available from PnP Hypers, selected PnP Stores, Checkers Hypers, selected Checkers stores and Dis-Chem.

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