• Date:2017-05-11
  • Time:20:30
  • Location:Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Venue:Bru's - Applause, Carnival City

Troye is a full time international professional entertainer. He has been dazzling his audiences for over 11 years.

Troye started out as a professional stage hypnotist in 1997, and has hundreds of amazing shows under his belt. In 2000 Troye was trained by one of the best professional magicians in the country (Jimmy Ritchie). Now Troye is a seasoned professional magician, specialising in stage mentalism.

Troye is the only stage mentalist in Gauteng. He uses a blend of comedy and hypnotic charm, where he creates impressive feats of mind reading, telekinesis, hypnosis and future predictions. Within seconds, he will captivate you and sends you on a journey of fascination and wonder.

The show is on Thursdays at 20h30 on the 20 April 2017 as well as on the 11 and 18 May 2017.