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Exclusive interview with Jade Hassouné from ‘Shadowhunters’


Exclusive interview with Jade Hassouné from ‘Shadowhunters’


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Jade Hassouné is a Lebanese-Canadian actor who is most famous for his role as Meliorn in the series Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments. He has since then also appeared in Canada’s most successful series  Heartland and he has had supporting roles in movies such as Brick MansionsErased, and Cyberbully. Jade discussed all of this and more in an interview with Teenzone Magazine.  

You are best known for your role as Meliorn in Shadowhunters. What about the series and character appealed to you the most?

The fantastic and mythological aspect of the story. I’ve always wanted to be part of an epic story like this, especially playing a character that comes from the realm of the faeries and elves… a magical/mythical being that has the power to connect to, and manipulate, nature and who has lived for many, many years. Wow.

What was the filming process like considering that most of it is set in a fantasy world of sorts?

It’s always so much fun! We are lucky to have very elaborate sets and costumes which helps us dive into the world. Otherwise we use imagination , especially when it’s a green screen. Everyone in the cast dives into it fully so it makes it easier to believe what is happening. We are all like big kids playing pretend with very epic props. Of course once they yell cut, we literally are big kids in a playground and laugh and enjoy each others silliness quite often. 

As a Seelie you don’t have runes but if you did (in real life), which rune would you opt for?

Spoiler alert! I’m still obsessed with the “Alliance Rune” or the ‘bind to’ rune from the books that allows a Shadowhunter and a Downworlder to share abilities and fight along side each other. I really hope that we explore it in the show!

You can also be seen in the web series ‘That’s My DJ’ as Sam. Would you say that the series is a realistic portrayal of the journey DJs experience?

Well, Sam’s experience is very specific to him. Of course not everyone goes through the dark journey that he goes through. But in terms of the way the DJ world is portrayed in ’That’s My DJ’ in general, I’d say yes. It was created by D.W. Waterson who is a DJ herself and a lot of it is written from actual experience. Most places and parties in the show are real life ones that exist in Toronto. 

How did you prepare yourself for the role?

I made sure that I was in an open place so that I could delve into the experience and let it take over my being. I just had to get into the feeling place and mindset and let the story take over. I was afraid that if I thought too much about it, I would block myself from accessing the places (in myself) I went to. I was staying at D.W.’s house at the time during the shoot so that everyday I would wake up and go to bed still in the world that we had created. I really connected with this story and we did it over a couple years so I had a lot of time to let the character have his own life. 

You were once with a dance group called Enigma Dance Productions, a semi-finalist on Canada’s Got Talent in 2012. Do you still dance or has your focus been more so on acting of late?

My focus has definitely gone to acting. However I still love dancing and will always do it when the inspiration sparks. I’ve been thinking a lot about starting to train regularly again. I do go to drop-in classes in different cities when I get the chance.

What stands out to you about that experience?

I realized that competition TV shows are not always what they seem, and it is always a TV show before it is anything else. I adored the experience, but I thought it was hard for people to select a “best” when all the acts were so extremely different. I met some incredible people back then and the bonding experience with my teammates was priceless.

When you’re not acting or busy with collaborations, what do you keep yourself busy with?

I love to jam and sing, go on nature adventures with friends, meditate, draw and play video games. I love to have game nights. Anytime I can see my friends I take the chance. They keep me happy, and they are my family. Also I love being a hermit.

Would you ever go back to the world of theatre?

Yes! But, I always say that when I go back, it has to be a play that I HAVE to do. If I can’t live without doing a play, then I will want to join it. Theatre will always be my roots, but if it doesn’t inspire me intensely, I will not put myself through it because it is a very slow and, at times, heavy process. I’ve really enjoyed the pace and excitement that comes with TV and film these days

What are you currently working on?

I’ve got a Ubisoft video game coming out where I play a character that’s very involved in the story. It’s called ‘Starlink: Battle for Atlas’. It will be out on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Otherwise I’ve got a cameo in an episode of another web series called ‘Barbelle’. The rest will be a surprise for all of us!

By: Kriszti Bottyan


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