Michael Phelps didn’t really race a shark for ‘Shark Week’

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Phelps v Shark_1497648527623_9833152_ver1.0 Phelps Michael Phelps didn't really race a shark for 'Shark Week' Phelps v Shark 1497648527623 9833152 ver1

Much hype was made around the once in a lifetime kind of event. Something that had never been done before. Technically though, it still hasn’t been done and some fans feel disappointed. Discovery Channel put the race together and called it ‘the battle for ocean supremacy’. Fans were pumped to see if Phelps would really be taking on a shark for their annual Shark Week. When the race finally viewed on Sunday evening, however, things were finally made clear.

The shark had won (of course it had) and Phelps, although a human fish, was just not fish enough in the end. The trailer led fans to believe that Phelps actually raced a shark but meantime, back at the ranch, Phelps raced a digital simulation of a Great White shark. Phelps wore a specialised wet-suit and fin but still lost by two-seconds. He did, however, beat a reef shark. Some took to Twitter to express their disappointment:

Some poked fun at the idea that some thought Discovery would actually risk putting Phelps in open water with a real shark. Overall, the event was underwhelming. Congrats on the hype it created though…


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