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Gigi Hadid shows Stuart Weitzman the ‘evil eye’ with her new shoe designs


Gigi Hadid shows Stuart Weitzman the ‘evil eye’ with her new shoe designs

Gigi Hadid has been known to make some memorable shoe choices when she steps out, no matter the occasion. It therefore, definitely makes sense that she would venture into the shoe designing business. She has been collaborating with brand Stuart Weitzman since last year October. She has drawn inspiration from her own wardrobe and has consequently came up with a new shoe style for the holiday aptly titled the Gigi mule.

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Gigi and creative director Giovanni Morelli joined forces for this project. The shoe comes in two styles: ‘eyelove’ and ‘eyelovemore’. The names were decided on because of the designs’ nod to the Evil Eye. The Evil Eye is a look believed to cause harm to someone. The evil eye is essentially a specific type of magical curse, and has its roots in magical thinking and superstition. The harmful power comes from emotions such as greed and envy. By wearing the ‘Evil Eye’ symbol, you are essentially protecting yourself from those bad vibes. The designs are deeply personal for Gigi, she noted that:

“My Dad’s Palestinian, so it’s something I grew up seeing. It’s about just being protective against negative energy, [a way] to remind yourself to not let bad energy affect you. [The shoes] represent our commitment to build three additional schools with Pencils of Promise.”

In this statement Gigi refers to the educational charity that Stuart Weitzman partnered with to build schools in Ghana, Guatemala and Laos.

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