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Harlem Shake hideous?


Harlem Shake hideous?

We don’t quite know what to make of this new craze that has left old PSY of Gangnam Style fame in the dust.

It is called the Harlem Shake.

This is the original:

It has gone crazy on the web, having had over 15 000 000 views.

But wait… a bunch of teenage boys in Australia decided to add a twist to the ‘Harlem Shake’… they decided that their version will have one person doing the Harlem Shake (wearing some kind of headgear) in a group of people who ignore them and then everyone erupts into the Harlem Shake when the bass kicks in on the song.

Their version went viral, and has had over 13 000 000 views on Youtube.

One person riding the wave and enjoying his instant success is DJ Baauer whose remix of the ‘Harlem Shake’, 10 days after the spin offs started, has been on the iTunes Top 10 charts in North America, Europe and Australia… Baauer is definitely not complaining!

We’re just wondering…. or dare we ask… what next?

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