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Health advice by Annelise Ahir


Health advice by Annelise Ahir

Annelise Ahir

Annelise Ahir

My name is Annelise Ahir. I am a Clinical Associate by profession which is a  mid-level healthcare Practioner. I am in a unique position that my age and training put me in.  My youth makes me better able to relate to you the youth and my medical training makes me qualified to respond to your health  concerns. My proposal is that you as the readers send me health related questions. My answers to these questions would be informative but also have my flair, making them interesting and entertain to the you.

If you have any questions that you would like to send through please be sure to send it to: or

All questions will be dealt with anonymously!  

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My name is Kriszti Bottyan (23) and I am the Editor of Teenzone Magazine. This means that all content goes through me before it reaches you. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and I am currently completing my post-grad in Applied Languages. I am admittedly addicted to E! but I am also into the more serious content about society and about topics concerning YOUR future. Ultimately, you are my number one priority. We have migrated to a digital platform that is more suitable to you, our readers. We are continuously grateful for your support and in return promise to deliver. We will not disappoint!


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