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Idols USA – A Breath of Bitchy Fresh air?


Idols USA – A Breath of Bitchy Fresh air?

It has been rumoured that the Idols concept has been losing its spark, and people are not that into it anymore. But never fear when Ryan Seacrest is near… as he has devised a great plan for the next season of the American Idols.

Why not pop Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj  into the panel of judges?

With two such diverse personalities you are sure to see sparks fly… And they already have.

Watch this video clip where you actually begin to feel sorry for Keith Urban, who is trying to keep the peace.

The show should keep its audience ratings up, if not for the bad singing at the auditions, then definitely for the “love” the two judges share for each other.

pic credit: (C) Hollywood


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