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Improve your grades!


Improve your grades!

6 Ways To Improve Your Marks This Term

By Zareef Minty

  1. Retrieval practice: don’t just re-study – test yourself (and test yourself in the same way that you expect you will be tested). This a mistake many of us make, we study just to get done rather than study to succeed and get great grades. Testing yourself assists with reaching a standard where you will feel comfortable in the examination room to answer any question put in front of you.
  2. Test yourself again and again – not just once per term. This repeated testing will help solidify the meaning of what you’re studying in your brain. I suggest test yourself every week on the content of work that you have done for that period of time.
  3. Explain what you’re learning to yourself (or a patient friend). Get up and walk around the room or talk to yourself in the car (people will think you’re on the phone). Lecture yourself on the material you will be tested on.
  4. Distinctiveness: how is this term you’re learning different from some other idea? How is it similar? Figure out what is unique about the ideas you’re learning about. By analysing your work and noticing the differences and similarities you will become more able to distinguish between various topics and identify how to answer questions correctly and in full detail.
  5. Personal: when you can, apply the ideas to your own life. You’ll remember it better that way. I use to always liken work to the people that are in my life and it worked wonders for me. Your brain remembers details and links it to work content, so use that to your advantage.
  6. Warning: Beware of familiarity!! Just because you have read something before or heard it somewhere before doesn’t mean you understand it. The only way to know if you understand it is to….test yourself (start over at step 1 above!).

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