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“If I had a Rand for every time someone asked me, ‘What are going to do after High School?’”

The Study and Talent Guide is the first of many! Why? Cause this is a question that every adult asks you at one time in your life; in repetition when it comes to your parents. You hear phrases like ‘recession’, ‘economic instability’ and ‘rife unemployment’, and although you don’t know the exact meaning of them, it stirs that anxious feeling within you.

Life after school will be hard enough without that anxious feeling. This edition will provide you with career themed content in order to help evade the anxiety monster. A well-rounded teenager with a career path on their mind will have to be concerned with, not only with academics, but also spiritual and physical health. We have also included your favourites: posters and games.  

This magazine will not be the only source of information, however. You can find different and informative content when you visit teenzonemagazine.co.za. We hope to provide you with the tools you will need make good quality life decisions. If by the end of this magazine you have a second where you feel as if you have a better and clearer understanding of what you want to do with your life, then we have succeeded.

Also, stand a chance to win a vlogging prize up to the value of R30,000! 

This issue is not to be missed!

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