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It’s 100% possible to live a positive & fulfilling lifestyle


It’s 100% possible to live a positive & fulfilling lifestyle

Now, you’re probably thinking that the topic line is not the norm and therefore it’s not realistic considering everything that is going on in the world. Yes, we can’t control the whole world, we can’t control the bad days and we can’t control certain circumstances. That’s just life sometimes. But what you can control is your own mindset. It’s absolutely normal to hit a bit of a slump and it is absolutely normal to fail, we are human beings and human beings are NOT perfect. This does not mean that we should base our lives on those components. We should rather teach our minds to use those things we can’t control as motivation to try even harder.


 Negativity sometimes just feels like the easy way out, but this is because we’re so afraid to fail. Our mind is fed by negative thoughts such as: “I will never get that job” or “I knew they wouldn’t accept me” “I am not good enough”. Negative thoughts breed negative results. It all starts and ends with you and your thoughts. Think positively and passionately about what you are pursuing and the universe will respond to the nature of your thought.  

It’s time to value it and it’s time to ALLOW YOURSELF TO WANT great things!

The first rule to living a positive lifestyle is to believe that you are the author of your own life. You are the product of your own thoughts so whatever you think about most, you bring about in your day to day life. The sooner you can understand this, the better chance you have at living an amazing and abundant life. Be aware of your thoughts.

The second rule is: repetition. This rule is harder than you think it is because we all have the habit of getting bored when it comes to repeating the same act over and over again. PositiveMost of us practice this process for a couple weeks and when most quit when they don’t see immediate results. You need to persevere through the mundane in order to see results. Nothing comes easy and nothing comes quick. There is no manual booklet to life and it certainly doesn’t tell you how long your goals should take to achieve. Sometimes we don’t realize it but, we create our own inhibitions. Our subconscious mind has a big role in this. Believe you deserve it, believe it is possible for you, believe you have it.

STAY COMMITTED. This helps you to develop a strong and empowering mentality towards your goals, hopes and dreams. And again, some days will be hard, it’s just how it is, but once you get into that groove you will attract great things!! 

A great tip for starters is getting a vision board. Visualizing is incredibly important and it helps you stay committed. Put up pictures of your goals and write down your FAV quotes.  No matter where you are in life right now, you have a shot at an amazing, positive and abundant one. Just be confident and don’t lose sight!! For lack of a more relatable word: #YOLO.

By: Zainab Mlongo

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