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Jacaranda FM kicks off iSchoolAfrica initiative


Jacaranda FM kicks off iSchoolAfrica initiative


In honour of Nelson Mandela Day Jacaranda FM kicked off their iSchoolAfrica initiative, yesterday. The Jacaranda family opened their arms and allowed Teenzone to join the initial kick-off to the initiative. The initiative calls for people to bring in their old iPads, leaving them in the hands of iStore Africa. The company refurbishes the iPads and uploads relevant apps to the devices. The devices are then distributed to under-resourced schools. 

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The iSchoolAfrica team started their journey in 2009 with the intention of making a lasting impact . Since then, they have enlisted the aid of companies in the private and public sectors to help them change lives. It is fundamentally a school support program that goes beyond the classroom. 

The iPad’s are not connectivity reliant as apps are pre-loaded onto the device beforehand. Teachers are required to undergo a 6 month training program so that they have the needed skill set to teach the learners using iPads as a primary resource. 

In a country where numeracy standards vary throughout, where there is not enough trained Mathematics teachers, not enough resources and also large classes with little individual student attention, the initiative is keenly welcomed. The Jacaranda family will be participating directly in the initiative and will be visiting Westerlig Primary School in Pretoria and assist with the training of teachers and students. 

Well done to Jacaranda manning up this Nelson Mandela Day!


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