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The Jonas Brothers – Where Are They Now?


The Jonas Brothers – Where Are They Now?

Nick Jonas has been the name on everyone’s lips and heating up the charts since his release of Jealous in 2014. We just can’t get enough of the dapper singer. It seems like a vague and distant memory that once upon a time, he was but a facet of the musical family trio, The Jonas Brothers. The Jonas Brothers, consisting of Kevin, Nick and Joe Jonas, are a rock band formed in 2005 which gained popularity for numerous appearanceson Disney Channel. The group were not only known for their music, but also their acting as they had two shows on Disney Channel and two movies. The boys made numerous guest appearances in other Disney shows. The Jonas Brothers broke up in 2013 due to rising tension (the details have never been revealed). Though both Kevin and Nick stated that if they didn’t end the band when they did, things would have taken a turn for the worse.

The Jonas Brothers

Fast Forward to 2016 and Nick has seemed to eclipse the shine of his older brothers,Kevin and Joe. Though it should be noted that before the JoBros rose to stardom, Nick was in fact, a solo act. Nick was discovered in a barber shop at age 6 and in the years to follow, made numerous appearances on Broadway. In 2002 he began recording gospel music as a solo artist. The band formed when Columbia record producer, Steve Greenberg, mentioned that he liked the sound of Nick’s brothers singing back up for him. Today, the youngest of the Jonas trio stars in a drama series called Kingdom, has a recurring role in the horror comedy, Scream Queens and has released two successful solo albums since 2014.

The Jonas Brothers

Kevin Jonas, the eldest brother is now a family man. He married Danielle Deleasa in 2009, a short-lived reality show which documented the lives of the newlyweds featured on E! followed. The show was called “Married To Jonas” and ran from 2012 to 2013. In 2014, the pair welcomed their first daughter, Alena Rose Jonas. In April 2016, Danielle announced that the couple is expecting their second baby. Kevin Jonas very rarely makes media appearances and wants to devote his time to being a great husband and dad. (Aww)

The Jonas Brothers

Joe Jonas has gained plenty publicity over the years through his high profile romances with fellow stars such as Gigi Hadid and Camilla Belle. He has also had numerous break up songs recorded about him, (ahem) Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, here’s looking at you!

Joe is no stranger to scandal, in 2013, he released a tell-all essay titled “My Life As A Jonas” shattering the image we once had of Joe. The essay criticized Disney Channel (the very entity which aided the brothers in their journey to fame) as well as insults aimed at various ex girlfriends. The essay received mostly negative reactions from other stars stating that it was “self pitying” and “exaggerated.”


Joe released a solo album in 2011 (during a hiatus from the Jonas Brothers)  titled Fastlife with a disappointing result of weak reviews and low album sales. In 2015, he formed the band DNCE with JinJoo Lee, Cole Whittle and Jack Lawless. “I prefer the band aspect of things,” he said in a recent interview. You’ve most probably heard the band’s single “Cake by The Ocean” blazing up the radio in recent months. DNCE is on the rise with a growing fan base and increasing media attention.The group has announced plans to release another album in August 2016, so keep your eyes and ears open and keep Joe Jonas on your radar!

The Jonas Brothers

Though the JoBros are a thing of the past, they have proven to all be experiencing significant success on their separate paths. The talented bunch have shed the Disney Image and have made a smooth transition into adulthood. As the boys have mentioned before “It was better to be a family than to be a band.”

By: Lauren Sydne Matthews




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