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Lip-syncing Justin?


Lip-syncing Justin?


Guaranteed, your social media sites have been flooded with photos and clips from Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour concert held in South Africa this weekend. The rain and cold definitely put a damper on all events held in South Africa this weekend but the true Belieber fans rallied. We do expect a spike in the common flu, however, as it bucketed down throughout the concert held at FNB Stadium, Johannesburg on 14 May. Here’s to hoping that the weather clears for Cape Town’s show on 17 May.

Concert goers seem to be giving mixed reviews about the performance especially with regards to Sketchy Bongo, the opening act for Justin Bieber. There’s no denying the fact that Sketchy has dominated the South African music scene the past year and he has produced hit after hit, but his performance didn’t quite seem to measure up to expectations. The beats were solid as always but the vocals were confusing. There were many people on stage and there seemed to be little coherence between them all. The track that stood out the most was The Hills – The Weeknd. The choice was an odd one considering The Weeknd is currently dating Selena Gomez and we all know that there is a past there, but let’s not linger where that story belongs – in the past. 

Justin arrived in South Africa last week Friday [12 May] at the Lanseria airport at 2pm. Unfortunately for Lanseria, the time and place of his arrival were leaked via an unknown source but all other details about his stay in Gauteng were kept top secret. Justin also specified that he would be doing no ‘meet-and-greets’ this time around and that he would also be doing no interviews with the press. 

Justin came on stage as scheduled although there were concerns that the performance would be affected by the rain. Justin has a history of walking off of stage, as we saw at his show in Manchester towards the end of last year. On 10 May, Justin also performed for the first time in Mumbai, India. All was well leading up to the event but on the night, Justin’s most popular tracks were botched with lip-sync performances. Fans also critiqued his lack of engagement and the way he was dressed. After attending his performance in person, we kind of understand where the Indian fans were coming from.   

The special effects that accompanied the Biebs were incredible. The awe factor was consistent throughout the concert. The effects included smoke, lights, crazy graphics and fireworks. The dance numbers were energetic and Sorry music video kind of cool (that’s the saying, right?). Justin handled the screaming fans well and he addressed the issue of fans throwing things at him pretty calmly. Four youngsters were chosen to dance on the stage alongside him for the duration of his track Children and he spent time greeting them personally at the end of the track. It was most definitely a Justin Bieber Awwww moment.

But (you knew it was coming) there is no denying the fact that he did lip-sync at certain parts of the performance. We emphasize the word ‘parts’ here. Justin isn’t the only musician guilty of lip-syncing, however. Queen B, Britney Spears and many more are guilty of lip-syncing at certain parts of the performance. There’s that word again, ‘parts’. Performing, dancing and singing at the same time is no simple task. When all three things are happening at the same time then it’s understandable that the artist will choose to sing over a track to ensure that the audience gets the full experience.

Overall though, it was definitely a once-in a-lifetime kind of concert. Despite the weather and the issue of lip-syncing, a night of fun was experienced by most. But don’t take our word for it, go and watch all of those Instagram stories and see for yourself.

By: Kriszti Bottyan        

My name is Kriszti Bottyan (23) and I am the Editor of Teenzone Magazine. This means that all content goes through me before it reaches you. I graduated from the University of Pretoria in 2015 and I am currently completing my post-grad in Applied Languages. I am admittedly addicted to E! but I am also into the more serious content about society and about topics concerning YOUR future. Ultimately, you are my number one priority. We have migrated to a digital platform that is more suitable to you, our readers. We are continuously grateful for your support and in return promise to deliver. We will not disappoint!

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