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Meet ‘The Voice SA’ runner-up, Gavin Edwards


Meet ‘The Voice SA’ runner-up, Gavin Edwards

It’s a pity that there cannot be two winners for a competition like The Voice, South Africa. Gavin Edwards is unapologetic-ably honest with who he is and the road he has taken to get to this point in his life. He has left South Africa in awe and he has simultaneously earned South Africa’s respect as a musician, husband and now a father! Here is what you need to know about Gavin and also about his new album Silver Skies:

Gavin Edwards

Canton Parker

Looking at your bio, you’ve been everywhere?

Yea, I’ve been everywhere but it’s been hard.  We live in an industry and world where everything is about television and I can’t afford to be on TV every Saturday.

You have the show and then the album, do you feel as if you have to focus on the immediacy? 

“Time goes so fast if you think about it was May, now its starting again in January the new one starts.

You have been working so hard to get where you are now. Did you ever think that you would get to this point?

I didn’t know, I didn’t think I would get to this point.  I understand what it is. Lot of artists get famous and complain, but that’s what they wanted. So I have experienced it before so it was easier for me. The people who support me I have to remind myself not to lose my mind.

Do you think all your second-hand experience has prepared you for this all?

Yeah. I used to watch that lifestyle, it’s exhausting. If I go to a friend’s braai, it’s not a braai, it’s like another gig. It’s always go-time. But it’s what I wanted, so I owe it to the people who voted for me to be in that head-space of not complaining.

Gavin Edwards

Canton Parker

Whilst I was preparing the interview, I received so many briefs about you and they had such wonderful things to say about you, how does it feel for people to say that about you?

I spoke to James who is the musical director of The Voice and he called to say, I just wanted to phone you to tell you that I’ve been hearing such good news about you, and I said this is such a relief. I’ve taken what some artist do in 5 years and I done it in a month. I care about what people say a lot.

Do you think there’s a difference between South African fans compared to the craziness that you have seen overseas?

I think that it’s a bit different with The Voice now, because we don’t have obsessive fans.  Overseas, Brian and them would step out the car and people would cry as if they have lost their parents.” We are still a very conservative nation. It is very different, but with The Voice, people have really embraced the show.

Do you feel as if you have gone through great transitioning?

I wanted to be accountable, I remember we took my niece out to my brothers place in Cape Town and my niece had a friend and the mother’s friend asked my sister, when they would be back and they said at 10 and the mother disagreed, but as soon as they mentioned that I don’t drink anymore, things changed. I can now jump in the car at any time with a kid in the car and people can now trust me, that is the feeling I wanted.

Gavin Edwards

Canton Parker

But isn’t it great though, because you have brought back that authentic brand and teenagers and young people love that kind of authenticity?

“The cool thing is I never thought I was a great singer at all, I still want to learn and that’s a great thing, to always want to learn, but there was a time I didn’t sing for a long period before, because I used to drink so much and my voice was always sore, instead of learning I just got angry, but this time I’m really enjoying because I have taken responsibility.”

What are your expectations for the album?

Well I wanna go platinum and now there are so many platforms. I want everyone to love it. My intention is to make it go platinum, I know there are a lot of people who wanna hear the album, I just need to get it to them.

It’s a competitive industry, you value each other’s talent but you also want your song to play on the radio

The whole time I wanted to do more, cause I thought I wasn’t doing enough. I wanna say to people who go to auditions, just be yourself and I do rasping really well and I’m good at that. Whatever you do just do it!

Gavin Edwards

Canton Parker

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