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Menlyn Press Conference


Menlyn Press Conference

Today marks 57 days until the Menlyn Park Shopping Centre’s refurbishment reveal. Teenzone attended the Menlyn Press Conference on 7 October held at the Fire and Ice Hotel. The Conference elaborated on the details as well as the overall mission statement of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre. In November Menlyn reveals its R2.5-billion refurbishment. All of this done with the aim of cementing its place as the biggest mall in not only South Africa but the whole of Africa. So how big is the biggest mall in Africa? To answer your question, the biggest mall in Africa is around 170 000m².

Menlyn Press Conference

Central Park

The developers and shareholders shared their vision for the reveal. They emphasized a diverse space, local and global brands, an effortless and sophisticated experience, 500 flag-ship stores and overall a cultured result.  If anything these shareholders share a common goal, to make Menlyn an iconic mark for the people of Pretoria. Menlyn already has an impressive legacy but they wish to continue this legacy as well as develop it.

Menlyn Press Conference

Malose Kekana

Since the development of Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, other malls have been constructed throughout Pretoria. Instead of viewing these malls as competition, the shareholders believe that these malls will compliment Menlyn. Olive Ndebele, the manager of Menlyn, highlighted her desire to engage with customers in order to grow the node that is Menlyn. There is naturally a diverse customer base that is why they have added 200 more stores to cater to this diversity. Menlyn apologized for the inconvenience they have caused customers and tenants in the past few months.

Menlyn Press Conference

Olive Ndebele

Some of the changes you can expect to see include Menlyn Central Park, Five-Aside Soccer, Police Contact Point, Natural Light and VIP Parking.  And best of all the last phase of Menlyn will include 200 new stores!

By: Kriszti Bottyan

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