Abort mission! Foods to avoid when training

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We are often told what foods to eat to help us get into exercise mode. It is not stressed often enough, however, what foods we should avoid like the plague. Here is a look at five seemingly innocent foods, but don’t be naive, they can smell fear… 

avoid avoid Abort mission! Foods to avoid when training Juice Free PNG ImageJuice

Natural and added sugar in juice tends to become stored fat when consumed. The sugar in whole fruits is burnt as energy but the opposite occurs when you drink juice. While we’re on it, make sure the fruit you grab is a ripe fruit. Eating unripe fruit before exercising can cause uncomfortable bloating.


Consuming dairy before a workout could slow you down rather than get you going. Avoid consuming dairy two hours before you exercise especially when you are feeling lethargic, acidic or if you are experiencing excessive burping.

Kids’ Cereals

Most ‘kiddy’ brands of cereal can contain up to 45% of sugar! Make sure that you are only consuming 8g of sugar per serving by checking the nutrition label on the back. If you are consuming more than 8g of sugar per serving then it’s time to ditch the ‘cereal’ killer.

avoid avoid Abort mission! Foods to avoid when training picd8gFFzMuffins, croissants and scones

Although these foods might be easy to eat when you’re on the go they should be avoided, desperately. They have too much butter and oil in them and therefore they take longer to leave your stomach. A food baby is expected!

Protein Bar

Most protein bars have more sugar in them than a regular candy bar. If there are more calories in the bar than protein then eating a protein bar can cause you to have less energy during a workout. The bar will give you an initial burst of energy but your fall from grace will be exponential.  



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