Blue Whale suicide ‘game’ still affecting teenagers

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The Blue Whale suicide ‘game‘ first emerged on social media in 2013 in Russia but now its effects have spread across land and sea. The game entails that teenagers download the game and follow the 50 instructions. On the 50th day the game instructs the player to commit suicide. The instructions mostly entail waking up in the middle of the night and watching a Horror movie or cutting oneself. Making the player sleep derived makes them more susceptible to suggestion and sadistic tendencies.

Every task needs to be filmed and posted on various social media accounts. It is believed that nearly 130 people have taken their lives because of it. The ‘curators’ or the ‘taskmasters’ would seek out young people on social media who wanted to take part in the challenge by searching the hashtags, #i_am_whale #bluewhalechallenge #curatorfindme

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The creator of the ‘game’, Philipp Budeikin was jailed for his crimes last month but the game still hasn’t been shut down. Philipp stated that he created the game to cleanse the earth of ‘biological waste’. The game has spread to Mumbai claiming the life of a 14-year-old boy. 

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