Book Review: ‘My (not so) perfect life’ by Sophie Kinsella

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my-not-so-perfect-life My (not so) perfect life Book Review: 'My (not so) perfect life' by Sophie Kinsella my not so perfect lifeBook Review: My (not so) perfect life by Sophie Kinsella.

Sophie Kinsella’s book was read by a personal favourite author Jojo Moyes who said the book left her feeling giddy. I encountered a similar feeling throughout my read.  The story deals with the protégé or Katie Brenner, as she is called. She, like many of us dreams of success and of the perfect life. Her reality is much more bitter than that.

She is fired by Dermeter her boss and with her failed attempt at a job, all her hopes comes crashing down. She moves back home to aid her dad with his business. As fate has its twisted way, Dermeter lands up on the same holiday as Katie. Katie is left with the dilemma of seeking revenge on her ex-boss or pleading for her job back. Yet Dermeter, like Katie, has a not so perfect life. Katie is yet to discover that the life of Dermeter that she envied may also have just as many setbacks as her own life has.

In a read, which is an amalgamation of love and work place politics, you are bound to chuckle every now and again. The story is a vibrant rendition of how we all secretly hope someone else’s life is less perfect than our own. It also openly exposes us to social media realities and how we all seek refuge in the not so real realities broadcasted on Instagram (I am one such fool who buys into social media realities) for instance.  I loved that Sophie’s characters felt almost like real everyday people and you couldn’t help but relate to them. In realizing the imperfections that our lives shares with the life of the fictional character Katie, one cannot help but feel all cheered up after the joyful read. 

I would recommend this novel to anyone experiencing relationship and work related issues and stress

By: Laila Abramjee

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