Google sued over ‘sex discrimination’

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Google Google Google sued over 'sex discrimination' unnamed 1

Three woman that used to work at Google have filed a case against the corporate giant. They allege that the company  pays women less than men for comparable work.

The suit says that Google is aware of the pay-gap but that they haven’t moved to change it. Google is also under investigation by the US Department of Labor over its pay practices. The just of the lawsuit specifies that Google discriminates against female staff with lower pay, more limited promotion, and fewer advancement opportunities compared to men with comparable qualifications. The women are seeking their unpaid wages. 

Trump halts wage discrimination protections put in place by Obama

Google said it would review the lawsuit but disagreed with the “central allegations”. About 70% of Google’s workforce are men, according to the company. Men represent about 80% of staff in “tech” roles and 75% of leadership positions. The New York Times revealed disparities from a spreadsheet of 1,200 workers. 

Source: BBC.com

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