Hungry Heart – Jodi McLaren

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(For Shirah)

My heart is hungry, deprived of three year soil

Sucked dry by 3 days toil.

Oh heart, be gentle to my health

I suffer from a drowning eye and a dehydrated mouth

Leave my brain, I need it for exams

this important time for which she didn’t give a damn


Do I deserve this? Is this my fate?

Have I battled too long for her to relate?

I needed to fill both plates, but I couldn’t cater

She adopted my concept, although scaled it greater


Should I work this holiday to feed her account?

Ensure her the value of my effort’s amount?

will that push her away, make me seem obsessed?

Or will she see my distinctions in love’s necessary test?


Asking the wrong questions in this important time

I should be asking the calculator the gradient of a line

Oh heart, I see the effects cannot be selective

My brain is being eaten and proving ineffective

Yes I was angry, you jeopardized my results

But I jeopardized your happiness and became one of your faults


But look at me now, carrying the load

After much deprivation, my heart took to adrenaline mode

Yes I need her, and I always will

But she has taught me the most important skill


I’m holding up my own head for the first time in 3 years

I’ve taken the reins and oiled my own gears.

I’m ready to put you first like I always use to

Only this time I know I’m gonna follow through



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