What is pain? – Elizabeth

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What is pain?


Is it the feeling we get after we injur ourselves,

or is it the intense emotion we suffer after letting go of something or someone we love?


What is pain?


Is it something we bring onto ourselves,

or is it something we’re forced to feel?


What is pain?

Is it the earthquake that shakes our relationships,

or is it the tsunami that forces its way into our lives and changes us?


What is pain?


Pain is that earth shattering moment when you realize  you lost yourself in the world and you’ve forgotten who you were.

Subject: Poem

The news


After you left me

Reality spoke

The moon went black

I gave up hope


The wind howls

It stops dead still


It hears the news was

It his will ?

A rock falls

It breaks apart


Little do they know

It was my heart

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