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Here are 5 briefs for the month of October, 2017. If you’re like us, we are absolutely addicted to E! and we follow all of our favourite celebs on Instagram but sometimes we need a little more substance. General knowledge is something that really helps us to grow both on personal as well as academic level. Also, talk about a conversation starter! 

Lagos can’t stop growing

General Knowledge General Knowledge Pump up your general knowledge with Teenzone Lagos city

Thirty years from now the population of Nigeria will have doubled and about 60% of them will be under 25. Nigeria’s biggest city is growing at a terrifying rate. The Lagos State government thinks that there are 21 million inhabitants already in Lagos. Rural Nigerians are drawn by the hope of a better life to one of Africa’s few mega-cities. Every week tens of thousands of people arrive in Lagos, heading to neighbourhoods where friends and relatives have come before – many end up in the slums.

Source: Bbc.co.uk

World’s oldest photograph

General Knowledge General Knowledge Pump up your general knowledge with Teenzone View from the Window at Le Gras Joseph Nic  phore Ni  pce

The world’s oldest surviving photograph was taken by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826. The photo shows the view outside of “Le Gras,” Niépce’s estate in Saint-Loup-de-Varennes, France. Unfortunately, the photograph is now just grayish-hued plate containing hardened bitumen looks like a blur. Niépce took the photo by putting asphalt dissolved in lavender oil onto a pewter plate. An object was then placed on the plate and the plate was then exposed to sunlight. The asphalt would harden the most on areas of the plate that were not covered by the object. When you wash the plate, the unhardened asphalt beneath the object will rinse off showing an impression of the object that covered it.

Source: Livescience.com

Angry Birds maker targets $1 billion valuation

General knowledge General Knowledge Pump up your general knowledge with Teenzone angry birds online

Rovio, the mobile games developer behind Angry Birds expects to be worth about $1bn when it lists on the stock market. The Finnish firm’s boss, Kati Levoranta, said the listing would help the company expand further. Angry Birds is not just a game anymore, it also has sales from films and merchandising as well. For the year up until 30 June, Rovio reported revenues of 265.8m euros. Of that amount 210.1m euros came from games and 55.7m euros from brand licensing. This step will help develop Rovio into an even stronger games-first entertainment company.

Source: BBC.com

Dubai plans a floating Venice replica

General Knowledge General Knowledge Pump up your general knowledge with Teenzone venice restaurants by canal xlarge

Dubai has made plans to develop The Floating Venice, which will be the world’s first five-star floating destination. The destination aims to bring the charm and culture of Venice to Dubai. It will resemble the original Venice including a canal network, gondolas and the Piazza San Marco. The resort will also include a luxury underwater world of cabins, shops and restaurants.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

How do palm tree withstand hurricanes?

General Knowledge General Knowledge Pump up your general knowledge with Teenzone palm trees

Most trees generally snap or let loose when they are faced with hurricane strong winds, but palm trees always seem to survive planted and unharmed. Palm trees are a staple of the tropics and they manage to stay standing and swaying during storms. Palm trees are not made of wood but are instead made up of a jumble of spongy tissue, scattered instead of arranged. Some of the palm tree’s cells are malleable that allow it to flex and then return to their original position. It’s lack of conventional structure gives the palm its flexibility.

Source: Livescience.com

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