Sclera tattoo AKA Eyeball tattoo

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Eyeball tattoos are an ink implant in the membrane that covers the whites of your eyes. Any expert will tell you that it is a high-risk process that has largely been deemed unsafe. Sclera tattoos can lead to blindness and/or terrifying infections. In a society where body modification has more and more become a mainstream practice, it’s getting harder to truly stand out and for some people, that’s a problem. 

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In 2007, a few particularly daring body-modification enthusiasts experimented with having the sclera— the white, protective outer layer that extends from the cornea to the optic nerve —injected with ink. Eyeballs have previously been tattooed on to conceal scars or injuries, this was the first time that it was done for cosmetic purposes.  The procedure transformed the whites of their eyes into colored orbs with an otherworldly effect.

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Some people who have undergone the process have experienced persistent pain and sensitivity to light. Injecting too much ink into the eye can also cause the sclera itself to break down and flake off into the interior of the eye. he result could be “floaters,” annoying spots in a person’s vision, or in a worst-case, loss of the eye itself. 

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