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Music review – Prime Circle – Evidence


Music review – Prime Circle – Evidence

The title track, ‘Evidence’ – which traces a parallel between a break-up and a murder scene – sets the scene for the album. According to the band, the track was written in a matter of minutes – “almost plucked out of thin air” – well, if that’s the case, I want to breathe that air.

I have to admit, after listening to the album just once I was already humming along to a few of the songs. I love that every song has a different vibe to it. From ‘Time Kills Us All’, an amazing power ballad and the first track off the album; to the slower, ‘Room of Ghosts’, which boasts some of the most beautifully haunting lyrics; to more up tempo tracks like, ‘King For a Day’ (one of my favourites), which has the sound of a true Prime Circle classic.

What I like most about this band is that their music has a message – kind of like, “relatable rock” – every song brings forth an emotion and tells a story.

Prime Circle has been together for 11 years – which was honestly quite a shock for me – feels like just yesterday that I was singing along to their debut single ‘Hello’. In fact, I still go a little crazy when I hear it on the radio, but I guess that’s the sign of a great band – timeless music.

So my verdict based on the album ‘EVIDENCE’?

The band has definitely grown in their sound – bearing a lot more on this album, but still staying true to themselves – something which can be tough in this industry. I can definitely see myself still rocking out to this album 10 years from now.

Nikita Coetzee

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