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Music reviews here!


Music reviews here!

Meet Courtney-Lee Cullis, she is the resident new music reviewer here. Courtney writes both for TeenZone magazine and for the TeenZone website.




Katy Perry – Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection

Includes all 12 tracks, with singles such as ‘California Gurls’, ‘Teenage Dream’,’ Firework’ and more. It also includes ‘E.T.’ featuring Kanye West and ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)’ featuring Missy Elliot. ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Part of Me’ are also on here. Watch out for a beautiful acoustic version of ‘The One That Got Away’. This is a good album for all Katy fans, although it would have been far better if she had released an album with brand new songs on. The album will take you through all your favourites and then some. Great for fans and those who never got the original album.

Adam Lambert – Trespassing

A long awaited second album from Adam Lambert is here at last! Adam is glamour, rock, pop, glitz and power and all of this is evident in every single track of this album. He has an amazing voice and this mixes in perfectly with the slow bass and hard beats – production only serves to showcase his talent and not to cover it up. There are tracks that will make you get up and dance and slower ballads that you can sing along to. The album opens on a high energy note with ‘Trespassing’ and just goes from strength to strength. A fantastic listen!

Garbage – Not Your Kind of People

Garbage have been around for a while and this is their fifth alternative rock album. Big production, angsty lyrics and busy, noisy songs is what ‘Not Your Kind of People’ is all about. This album is typical of Garbage, with their dark style and hard-hitting songs. They have kept their fans waiting a long time for this album, but those who loved them in the 90s will still love them. They have stayed true to their style and the album showcases ferocious tenacity and edge. There is a 15 track deluxe edition which is preferable to the 11 track one. Fans will still love them.

Morning Parade – Morning Parade

This is the debut album from the indie Essex band and there is not much to fault it on. It’s difficult to buy an album if you haven’t heard any material from them before, but there is plenty on this album to enjoy. Favourite tracks are ‘Carousel’ and ‘Close to Your Heart’. The vocals are passionate and every track is radio-friendly. This album is high energy material and every track is worthy of a listen. This looks like the start of a long career for Morning Parade. They haven’t done anything particularly different but they have a solid and polished sound that makes for good listening.

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