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What nail shape is for you?


What nail shape is for you?

Teenzone is going to break-down what nail shapes are best for you. Not only will we discuss what shape will suit your fingers and nail bed BUT also how it reflects your style profile.



Best For: Short nails, making a wide nail bed appear thinner. 

Style Profile: You’re relatively low-maintenance when it comes to your nails. You tend to opt for more neutral colours. 



Best For: Short nails and long, narrow nail beds. This shape can make wide beds look stubby.

Style Profile: You’re a modern girl at heart. You often opt for bold and punchy colours.



Best For: Long nails, slimming short fingers, wide and narrow nail beds.

Style Profile: You’re the elegant type. You also see value in wearing clear nail polish every now and then.



Best For: This is universally the best shape for everyone!

Style Profile: You are always in style and you usually match your polish to whatever is trending this season.



Best For: Lengthening and slenderizing nails. 

Style Profile: You are the epitome of glam meets girly. Nail polish that has chipped is not an option. 



Best For: Long nails and for elongating fingers.

Style Profile: You are a risk-taker. You are not afraid to tap your pointy finger-nails in order to get attention.



Best For: Long and strong nails that can handle the extreme shape. Nails beds are preferably narrow.

Style Profile: You gravitate towards bold and matte nail polish.



Best For: Narrow nail beds, slender fingers and acrylic nails.

Style Profile: You’re definitely edgy by nature.


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